Ever wish you had a lifetime FREE VPN service?

Ever imagine this fast, reliable VPN became free only for you?

Here is your choice:

The more friends you recommend, the more permanent quotas you earn.

Check out the details:

1. Send a recommendation email to your friends

Remember to write down your VPN account name in the mail! Your VPN account name will be used when your friends register new VPN accounts.

Here is a template for a recommendation letter:

Dear Mike,

VPN Express is offering FREE 300MB data for any new user!

Check it out at iTunes store:


Register now with my account name in “Referee”: $$YOUR_ACCOUNT_NAME_HERE$$, then you will win extra free quotas up to 1000MB!

2. Your friends register new accounts with your name in “Referee”

Your friends will get 100MB -1GB extra FREE quotas by providing an valid referee. Don’t forget to tell them!

3. When any of your friends subscribe to any VPN data plan, you will be rewarded with 10 – 20% of his purchased quotas
  • The reward quotas are lifetime valid! No limit at all!
  • For one user, you can get maximum 3 rewards in 2 months since registration date of this user.
  • You get 20% from permanent quota purchases! Otherwise you get 10% from subscriptions!
  • For example, you recommend user A & B:

  • User A subscribes a 90days/50G plan.
  • User B buy a 20G quota plan, a 5G quota plan and a 60days/20G plan.
  • You will get: 10%*50G + 20%*20G + 20%*5G + 10%*20G = 12G, which values around $8!